The Christian Family

Meet the Christian family, their pet and the neighbor kids. The last photo is no one's friend...

Dad Christian
All the children look up to Dad for leadership as he guides the family to learn all they can about God and the Bible.

Mom Christian
She is the mother to Dexter, Timmy, Molly and Natalie. 
Like all moms she has her hands full with these 
4 very active kids.

Timmy Christian
This young man is always getting into mischief. Learning to follow Jesus does
not come easy to Timmy as he is
so good at getting into trouble.

Dexter Christian
He is always getting confused about things of the Bible.
For instance, He made is very own "Armor of God"
and wore it to church for us to see.

Natalie Christian
She is a pretty young girl that thought because she was pretty on the outsidenshe it is the same on the inside.  She had to learn that God Looks at the heart for real beauty.

Molly Christian
She is beautiful outside and inside and will
be the 1st to help her family when called upon

Grandpa Christian
He is the most knowledgeable member
of the family and always helping the others
to learn the truth about God.

Grandma Christian
She is always there for her family with a loving 
heart for God. She is quick to give advise on
how to best serve the Lord.

Luke Grace
He is best friends with Dexter and Timmy even when Timmy gets him into trouble sometimes.
He is Lucy Grace's twin brother and lives next door to the Christian family. 

Lucy Grace
Lucy lives next door to the Christian family and is best friends with Natalie and Molly. She is the only one in the neighborhood that has a twin brother, Luke Grace.

The Christian family could not agree on the
perfect dog so they compromised and now
have a pet pig. He is an unusual pig
that at one time thought he was a dog! 

He is the Evil one that tempts all of the Children of God. He does not want the Christian family or the Graces to learn about God and to obey the Bible.