Dr. Sutton's Recommended Resources

Bible Resources

Here is Bible Resource web page that I have found to be helpful to me personally.  I want to recommend this to assist you in your personal spiritual growth.

Spiritual Gifts

This is a on-line questionaire to help determine your spiritual gifts. Try to complete the entire questionnaire in one sitting. Read each statement and answer as quickly as possible. Your first response is usually a truthful response.

There are 90 questions (on 10 pages) to exhaust every possible demonstration of a spiritual gift or lack thereof. This online version of Towns' Spiritual Gift Questionnaire will take approximately 10 to 20 minutes.

Sunday School Lessons

Dr. Elmer Towns, Dean of the School of Religion at Liberty University, is the teacher of an adult Sunday school class, and his lessons provide wonderful insights to the Bible for our daily walk. Notes from these classes are available on-line.


I recommend these books to help manage your finances and to give God Glory with your resources as a good steward: